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Intensive treatment for OCD is tailored to individuals who are fully motivated and committed to making a change as quickly as possible.  Using the latest research combined with evidence-based treatment, individuals suffering with OCD will be able to live more fulfilling lives. We use exposure and response treatment techniques tailored to individual needs in our intensive treatment for OCD. During your stay in Atlanta, treatment will be individualized and not conducted in groups. We feel that each person’s needs are different and we attempt to tailor the program to each individual.

The intensive treatment for OCD is not for everyone.  It takes time, finances, and dedication in order to overcome the anxiety, but the benefits absolutely outweigh the cost.  This is ideal for someone who has a busy schedule or for individuals who are ready to end their suffering.

Overall, this is a wonderful alternative to the traditional therapy and has been proven to be very successful for certain type of people. We pride ourselves on getting out of the office and into the situations that bring up anxiety.  In these situations, we can deal with and break the thoughts and fears that come with OCD.  We also work with the individual to assist them to transitioning back home.  Part of the difficulty with traveling to an intensive OCD program is that some of the cues may only exist at home.  Thus, we work on a program where we can help the person when he or she gets back home.

Our intensive treatment programs are an efficient and effective way to get past anxiety. We spend a great deal of time with clients in our intensive treatment program and we get a high volume of requests.  The intensive program is not a good fit for everyone.

We want to make sure that we can serve you as best as possible.  If you would like to be considered for intensive treatment in the Atlanta areas of Peachtree Corners, Johns Creek, Alpharetta, and Sandy Springs, please