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Testimonial from Someone with OCD

At the time I went to see Viktoriya and Jessica at the Anxiety Treatment Clinic, I was having extreme OCD and anxiety. … Either way, I felt trapped. I really thought that nobody could help me and was quite skeptical of any kind of therapy being useful. I’ve seen a few psychiatrists and psychologists before and none of them moved me enough to consider therapy. It got really intense and my father found Viktoriya out of Fort Lauderdale. From the first call with her, I felt she really understood what I was going through and she really listened to me. I was comfortable right away with her, and after reading a few articles she wrote, I knew she had a way of treatment that works.

After meeting with her and Jessica, I agreed to go through with the therapy. That was the best decision I could have made. I truly feel that they saved my life. The intensive therapy was seven days and then follow up visits were made to further stabilize the treatment, if necessary. Viktoriya and Jessica are there for you every step of the way. Both are excellent at their areas of specialty and you will learn a tremendous amount from both of them. Overall, the therapy treatment is extremely effective and is practical to every day application. This is several weeks after the therapy and I finally feel normal and can function with very little anxiety and stress throughout the day. I was completely surprised that somebody was actually able to help my condition. They untangled the entanglement that my mind was in. Regardless of what you have compared to what I had, the sessions are made with the same effective approach, just tailored to your individual needs. I strongly recommend The Anxiety Treatment Clinic to ANYBODY looking for treatment.